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Latest Issue
Lightning and surge protection for wind turbines
Since the risk of lightning striking a wind turbine increases quadratically with its height, it can be estimated that a multi-megawatt wind turbine is hit by a direct lightning strike roughly every 12 months. The feed-in compensation must amortise the hig
Power supply of 4th generation mobile radio systems
Mobile data traffic has increased sharply in recent years, and will continue to grow exponentially. Mobile network operators are faced with major challenges as expectations regarding mobile network transmission systems grow and change the system architect
The Evolution of Medium Voltage Power Cables up to 36kV
This paper covers the evolution of MV power cables over the last century, and considers some pros and cons of all the different types of insulation materials used for MV power cables.
Faraday and Maxwell
Faraday and Maxwell stand as giants in the annals of science and engineering. The Encyclopaedia Britannica described Faraday as: “Possibly the greatest experimental genius that the world has ever known”. Max Planck said of Maxwell’s theory of light