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Reducing Broadband pricing in Southern African Countries
The Internet has evolved as a major medium of information and communication; broadband connection especially enhances Internet’s capacity as a virtual platform for social, economic, political and civil activities.
Industrialization of South Africa
The opening years of the 20th century were a momentous time for South Africa. The world was poised to enter a new industrial revolution such as had never before been seen. The automotive and aircraft industries were in their infancy and Tesla had started
Radar in WW2: The South African Contribution
The science and engineering of radar are not much more than fifty years old and recently that brief history has been the subject of much examination. Although the contributions of the major powers towards the development and use of radar are well known,
Radar: The Outside Story
I have chosen the title "the outside story" firstly because I was not in at the very beginning - as was Prof Bozzoli, and secondly because for most of the war I was outside South Africa and not closely in touch with the Unit as a whole. The records of the