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Ethernet acceptance testing
As engineers, we commission projects or re-integrate systems by relying on acceptance tests. Whether the final outcome is a large civil or industrial project, a replaced component on an assembly line or something intangible such as software, in essence, w
“Getting on” and “getting by” underground
This paper examines the gold miners’ informal working practice of making a plan (planisa) at the point of production deep down the mine.
ALMA Eyes the Cosmos
The ALMA (Atacama Large Millimetre/sub-millimetre interferometer Array) is situated at an altitude of 5 000 m in the Llano de Chajnantor of the Atacama desert, Chile. This is at present the largest and most expensive astronomical installation on Earth. Th
Solar/diesel hybrid power gains ground in mining application
Diesel engine-driven baseline power generation is one of the main sources of electricity in the mining industry in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in remote locations where grid connection is prohibitive or impossible.